Things you probably never knew about Marriott International

When it comes to companies that are quietly dominating their industries in the world, there are a few that stand out like Marriott International. For starters, did you know that they operate over 1.2 million rooms around the world (as of September 2016)? Now that’s something to think about the next time you were nagging about how hard it is to manage your Airbnb room!

Marriott was founded in 1927 and it started is existence as a root beer stand in Washington DC (yes, that is correct). It then became a chain of restaurants called Hot Shoppes and it went public in 1953 using the same name.

Marriott opened its first hotel, the Twin Marriott Motor Hotel, in Arlington, Virginia in 1957. At the time of this article in 2017, this means that they opened their first hotel 60 years ago. Remember this since when you learn at the end of this article about the magnificence of this company, you will realize that all this has happened in perhaps 60 years!

Read more on a Wikipedia page about Marriott International here.


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