RRSP vs. TFSA … which one should I use? A plain and simple guidline…

It’s again that time of the year! RRSP Season (I think that’s what they call it). As someone unfamiliar with these terminologies (like an immigrant or someone who hasn’t had much savings anyway until recently), you might have been wondering what these actually mean? What are their differences and what one achieves with perhaps the highest anticipated savings accounts in Canada? Continue reading “RRSP vs. TFSA … which one should I use? A plain and simple guidline…”

Why I think Toronto’s condo market might be heading towards a correction – a piece from OREA’s textbook

I will be keeping this post very short. I was reading an OREA textbook and they gave examples of market corrections in the real estate sector (it certainly looks like they are not agreeing with the property market having a cycle though). One example that they gave for “Real Estate Market Correction” sounded awfully familiar to me (I don’t think Continue reading “Why I think Toronto’s condo market might be heading towards a correction – a piece from OREA’s textbook”

Bitcoin is now worth over $10,000 – Now let Warren Buffett explain to you how bubbles are formed

It’s a no-brainer. When it comes to value-investing, nothing beats Warren Buffett and his mentor Ben Graham (you might want to read the bible of value-investing by him called The Intelligent Investor). He has accumulated his wealth by closely following this mindset and ended up being the world’s richest man for a few years (he is a super interesting person and HBO has a very interesting documentary on him called “Becoming Warren Buffett”). Basically, value-investing is the opposite of whatever you see in the news and the mainstream media (yes, you can say he’s a contrarian – in a way – but that’s because he has a different perception for everything that happens to everyone on a daily basis). It’s like when you open any music channel and it plays Justin Bieber; eventually, you’ll start thinking that his stuff is cool (and worth a Grammy) since you have not bothered looking at other alternatives outside of the mainstream media. But if you search (i.e. study) enough, you’ll soon be questioning a lot of stuff!

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Things you probably never knew about Marriott International

When it comes to companies that are quietly dominating their industries in the world, there are a few that stand out like Marriott International. For starters, did you know that they operate over 1.2 million rooms around the world (as of September 2016)? Now that’s something to think about the next time you were nagging about how hard it is to manage your Airbnb room!

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Trump Tower Toronto – How every single investor (but Donald Trump) lost money in this investment in a booming housing market in Toronto

Donald Trump refers to himself as “a genius” when it comes to his initial decision to launch Toronto’s Trump Tower back in 2002. At the time, it was supposed to become Toronto’s tallest residential tower. But a lot happened between 2002 and 2016, the 14 years that took the team(s) that were involved in this project to complete the tower which was at last taken over by JCF Capital which eventually sold the hotel to InnVest which is a major Canadian hotel operator. The condos are back on the market under the St. Regis brand which itself is a division of the Marriott International.

I would encourage everyone to read this awesome article by the Toronto Star and Columbia Journalism Investigations.

Early Retirement – How much money do I need to save before I retire “safely”? And “The Rule of 25”

This is a question that pops up a lot in the social media these days. Millenials all seem to be rushing to “retire” as soon as they could, or at least, the idea of an early retirement is something that is soothing to the mind. But what is an actual PRACTICAL way of approaching this? I’ll look at the best alternative (from my point of view)… Continue reading “Early Retirement – How much money do I need to save before I retire “safely”? And “The Rule of 25””

Iran’s first foreign currency ETF is set to launch next week

As an attempt to limit physical manipulations of the currency market, Iran will be introducing its first foreign currency exchange-traded fund (ETF) next week. While we still do not know what currencies will be dominating this ETF, the two main currencies that are the most common in Iran are USD and EUR and it is expected that the mentioned ETF to hold a significant portion of its portfolio tied to these two currencies. We could also expect other commonly traded currencies like the Chinese Yuan, Korean Won, Indian Rupee or even Russian Ruble to have some presence in this ETF.

For more in-depth look, please read this article.

Thirty years ago today, “Black Monday” wiped out over 1/5 of DJIA in one day and it happened under very familiar circumstances

Black Monday, dubbed as the worse day for the stocks in modern financial history, led to a 22.6% drop in Dow Jones Industrial Average in one single day. Potential reasons for this to happen were a slowdown in the US economy, falling oil prices and the tension between the US and Iran (sounds familiar?). Another reason (and a more logical one) was that the whole thing was the result of the so-called “computer trading” that had conditions to buy and sell stocks and we all know what happens when stocks start to go down!

For a more in-depth look at what happened read this article.